Derek Kilmer

Derek’s Priorities

Recovering and Rebuilding from COVID-19

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Derek has worked hard to rush support to our region and ensure everyone has access to the medical care they need. Having worked in economic development for a decade, he is committed to helping our region’s economic recovery, supporting small businesses, and getting folks back to work.


Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose

Derek Kilmer is committed to protecting a woman’s right to choose and will always stand up for women’s access to basic health care services. He opposes overturning Roe v Wade, supports the Women’s Health Protection Act in order to protect the right to abortion at the federal level and will fight any attempt to criminalize the actions of a woman or her doctor. Derek is the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood with a 100% lifetime rating.

Building an Economy That Works for Everyone

Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula, Derek saw firsthand what it meant for families and communities to struggle when the local economy fell on hard times.  That’s what led him to work in economic development and to run for office.  As our representative, Derek’s mission is ensuring more economic opportunity for more people in more places.


Ensuring Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

Derek believes that, in the greatest country on the planet, you shouldn’t go broke if you get sick or have an injury.  As our representative, Derek has fought against attacks on the Affordable Care Act and has worked to build on that law’s success.  He has sponsored legislation to protect people with pre-existing conditions, reduce the price of prescription medications, expand mental healthcare, and address the opioid crisis.


Protecting Our Environment

Derek is proud to be a defender of our clean air and water, an advocate for our National Parks, and a champion of restoring Puget Sound.


Fixing Our Campaign Finance System

Derek Kilmer has been one of our country’s leaders on campaign finance reform.  He has sponsored numerous bills to reduce the role of money in politics


Getting Congress Back to Work

As a dad, Derek is working to ensure that we fully confront our nation’s challenges so the next generation has a bright future. That’s why he’s pushing Congress to come together and deliver real bipartisan results that support the middle-class. Derek believes that Congress needs to focus less on partisan bickering and focus more on progress.


Keeping Kids Safe

As a father of two kids, Derek Kilmer wants to keep all kids safe.  When he drops his kids off at school, he wants them to be excited about the day ahead – not fearful for their safety. 


Making Sure Seniors Can Retire With Dignity

Derek Kilmer knows firsthand that our nation has an obligation to take care of our older Americans. Derek recently lost his 108-year-old grandmother who had been able to live with dignity for years because of the existence of two of the most successful public policy programs in American history – Medicare and Social Security. He believes America must uphold its promises to our seniors.


Promoting Equal Rights

As our representative, Derek Kilmer wants to ensure that discrimination is a thing of the past – that no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability or disability, you are valued. Derek has been a leader on voting rights, sponsoring a new Voting Rights Act as well as reforms that modernize our voter registration systems and ensure equal access to the ballot box for all Americans.


Providing Top-Notch Educational Opportunities

As the son of two public school teachers, the dad of two little girls, and a former community college trustee, Derek Kilmer believes all students should be able to access a quality education. 


Reforming Our Immigration System

As the son and grandson of immigrants, Derek believes that America’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths.  He’s been an advocate for fixing our broken immigration system.  He believes we can keep our country safe and ensure that America lives up to its values.


Strengthening America’s Fiscal Situation

As a dad, Derek doesn’t want to see his kids’ future burdened by debt. He’s pushing Congress to come together to address our nation’s long-term fiscal health. Derek does not believe either political party has a monopoly on good ideas. Derek believes the American people are less interested in partisan politics than they are in solutions.

Supporting Our Veterans

Derek believes that if you serve our nation, we should have your back.  He has championed improvements within the Veterans Administration and to create economic opportunities for veterans and their families.  For his efforts, the national veterans group AMVETS awarded Derek their Silver Helmet Award, given to a member of Congress whose work to support and create opportunities for veterans stands out.