Derek Kilmer

Protecting Our Environment

Derek is proud to be a defender of our clean air and water, an advocate for our National Parks, and a champion of restoring Puget Sound.

As someone who grew up in our region, Derek understands how important our waters are to our region.  Serving on the Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, Derek has successfully fought against the Trump Administration’s efforts to drill off of Washington’s coast as well as the administration’s proposed elimination of all federal funding for Puget Sound recovery and for salmon restoration.  Derek is co-founder of the Congressional Puget Sound Recovery Caucus, a group of representatives focused on the restoration of Puget Sound.

Derek has been a leader in the effort to combat climate change and ocean acidification.  Derek believes that it’s time for our representatives in DC to stand up to the special interests and recognize that climate change is real and requires bold action.  Derek is part of the Climate Solutions Caucus and sponsored the Climate Action Now Act to prevent America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Derek has introduced legislation to address changes in the ocean’s chemistry (known as ocean acidification) which threaten the region’s shellfish industry and fisheries.  He’s also sponsored the Tribal Coastal Resiliency Act to help our region’s tribes address the impacts of climate change on their homelands.

Derek has also been active in supporting our national parks and sponsored a bill to reduce the maintenance backlog in our park system.  For that work, Derek received the National Park Heritage Award from the National Parks Conservation Association.

Derek believes that economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive, and that a thoughtful approach to stewardship is a necessity for the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of our communities.