Derek Kilmer

Making Sure Seniors Can Retire With Dignity

Derek Kilmer knows firsthand that our nation has an obligation to take care of our older Americans. He recently lost his 108-year-old grandmother who had been able to live with dignity for years because of the existence of two of the most successful public policy programs in American history – Medicare and Social Security. He believes America must uphold its promises to our seniors, and because of his hard work on this issue, the National Committee for the Preservation of Medicare & Social Security has endorsed him.

Derek is a sponsor of the Seniors Have Eyes, Ears, and Teeth Act to enhance the coverage provided under Medicare to cover vision, hearing and dental needs.

He has also sponsored the Social Security 2100 Act to extend the solvency of our Social Security system, enhance cost of living increases within the system, and ensure that retirees don’t end up in poverty.