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Derek understands the struggles middle-class families are going through because he’s lived through them. The son of two public school teachers, Derek was raised in Port Angeles during a time of high unemployment on the Olympic Peninsula. As the timber industry declined and local businesses closed, Derek watched as his friends’ parents lost their jobs and their ability to support their families.

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“Are we really to the point where we're going to let mothers die⁠?⁠"

Working everyday to create more economic opportunity for more people in more places

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I'm proud to support Shasti Conrad as the next Chair of the Washington State Democrats. Shasti has a clear record of success in helping elect Democrats at all levels of government in Washington. I know she will serve us well as the next chair.

My heart is with the friends and loved ones of the Asian American community in Monterey Park. Combating gun violence shouldn't be a partisan issue. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their communities without the constant fear of violence.

On the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I continue to stand alongside the majority of Americans who firmly believe that access to reproductive health care is a fundamental right and is a decision that should be left between a person and their doctor.