Derek Kilmer

The Seattle Times, The News Tribune, The Kitsap Sun, The Daily World, and The North Kitsap Herald Endorse DerekOctober 10, 2012

The newspapers the voters of Washington’s 6th Congressional District trust agree that Derek Kilmer is the right choice for Congress.

The Seattle Times, The News Tribune, The Kitsap Sun, The Daily World, and The North Kitsap Herald all independently engaged in vigorous vetting and interview processes with both Derek Kilmer and his opponent — and, after deliberation, the leadership of all four newspapers agreed that Derek Kilmer is the best man for the job.

On October 3, The Seattle Times announced its endorsement: “Kilmer does have a political record, and it is one of the better ones in Olympia. His business-friendly approach and legislative style is just what is needed in Congress.”

The News Tribune endorsement was published on October 10, reading in part: “Kilmer has already demonstrated, in office, an uncommon understanding of trade, business taxation, smart regulation, job-creation and other fundamentals of economic growth – which is certainly something the United States needs at the moment.”

The Kitsap Sun endorsed Senator Kilmer on October 12: “Kilmer’s demonstrated abilities and achievements set him apart and inspire confidence of a bright future in Congress.”

The Daily World shared its endorsement on October 18: “Come January, for the first time in 35 years, somebody not named Norm Dicks will be serving the 6th District of Washington in Congress. The Daily World thinks that person should be Derek Kilmer, a business-friendly Democrat who grew up on the Olympic Peninsula and saw the economic devastation that timber-dependent towns have experienced since the 1980s and was influenced to choose a career in economic development because of it.”

The North Kitsap Herald‘s endorsement came on October 19: “Kilmer, a Democrat, never forgot what a Republican mentor taught him: Always get someone from the other party to co-sponsor your bill. Vote for the good laws, vote against the bad ones. This philosophy has worked well for him in Olympia. We encourage voters to send him to Congress.”