Derek Kilmer

President Bill Clinton Supports Derek KilmerSeptember 18, 2012

A couple weeks ago, President Bill Clinton energized millions by delivering a stirring speech about the challenges facing our country.

This weekend, President Clinton came to Washington State, and while he was in town, appealed to the voters of Washington to elect Derek Kilmer as the next Congressman from the 6th Congressional District.

On Saturday, Clinton shared some of his time with a gathering of Team Kilmer supporters. While visiting with the group, he thanked Derek for spending the summer of 1995 interning in his Office of Domestic Policy and told everyone in attendance how proud he was of the leader Derek Kilmer had become.

President Clinton then spoke at a gathering of over 3,000 supporters of Jay Inslee at the Seattle Convention Center.

While at that event, he had some very nice words for Derek, as well.

“If you really think the economy is the biggest issue in the country, it’s not a close case,” said Clinton. “There are hardly any candidates anywhere in the United States who have better records at actually doing the kind of creative cooperation it takes to create jobs instead of just bloviating about it.”